August 6, 2006

There are not enough hours in the day

My lesson for today has been brewing over the past few days.

My idea for starting this blog was to give me an outlet to write on a daily basis. I was thrilled and impressed with my own genious for coming up with my daily lessons theme because I knew it would give me enough meterial to write daily. It has, however finding the time to sit in front of a computer and compose coherent sentences has not come as easily.

This move took everything out of me for a few days. And unfortunatley, when I did feel my health starting to come around, my schedule kicked back into high gear with a housesitting gig in the burbs. And while I have wanted to write (and thought many times thoughtout the day "Oh, I can use that for my blog tonight") when night rolled around I let exhaustion take me to bed instead of to the keyboard.

I hope that will change, although there is no guarantee. I have an apartment full of unpacked boxes waiting for me when I am done with my stint in the burbs. While I would love to say, I'll find time to unpack, work, write about something meaningful (I'm not about crap, people), do laundry and figure out where the heck my local grocery store is, something has to give. I fear it may be my writing for the time being simply because there are not enough hours in the day.

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Anonymous said...

Amen Amy. Maybe we can sneak the 25 hour clock in at the patent office, but we'd probably just squeeze more work into that extra hour anyway.

Keep pressing on,