August 25, 2006

Wednesday Nights

There are times in a single girl’s life when the thought of facing another holiday, another family function, another social gathering seems daunting. It’s those times when staying at home and admitting that “No, I have not found Mr. Right yet” seems like the only viable option. Yes, after a couple decades of singleness - minus a couple months here and there where I could have claimed to be in some sort of relationship - I have grown to know those feelings well.

But as is with the yin and yang, the ebb and flow of life there are also those random Wednesday nights where all of a sudden I find myself in the familiar company of friends. We are surrounded by the soft glow of Christmas lights overhead and the comfort of frosty beverages in hand. Talk isn’t of politics or the latest crisis brewing overseas, but rather the sources of childhood embarrassment or plans to attend cardio striptease classes.

Sure, our conversations may seem silly, possibly even pointless to an outsider, but I’m glad to have them. Because there will come a day and time where we will feel grown up. We’ll have more responsibility than we do now. We’ll feel the need to make social commentary and better the world for our kids and our kids’ kids. But for now, this is enough. This is all I need.

This is a lesson I’ve tried to remember time and time again when I’m feeling low because I hear of another friend’s engagement, home purchase or family addition. It’s a lesson I hope one day will allow me to not feel so sad when I crave the comfort of a man who’s professed his undying love to me. That day will come though, and until then I will enjoy the random Wednesday nights.

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Anonymous said...

Cheers to the oh so important Wednesday nights indeed! Here's to many, many more....