August 11, 2006

A woman's intuition.

When you know, you just know.

I knew it was over last night before he called. Looking back, I probably knew it was over a week or so ago when he stopped returning my text messages and late night phone calls went unanswered. It’s the small things – the little warning signs that in the end make a big difference. To me, they end up making all the difference in the world.

I chalk up this pit-in-your-stomach feeling to womanly intuition. As I learned yesterday, it is best not to ignore it. Had I, I probably would still be under some assumption today that the plans I had made for a beautiful weekend in Chicago were still in place. I didn’t ignore it. I asked the question which I hoped would end up being a crazy, irrational thought. It wasn’t a crazy, irrational thought. It was the truth. And the only reason I discovered it to be so was because I chose to go with my gut.

Although, sometimes it would be nice to ignore that little pit in my stomach because a woman’s intuition is a bitch. But it is an “I told you so” bitch that in the end, as a woman, I would rather have than ignore. Ignoring it prolongs the inevitable. Acknowledging it allows me to recognize the truth of the matter and move on.

Because when you know, you just know. And that isn’t anything worth ignoring.


Anonymous said...

he a fool.

Kristin said...

Ugghh, what a douche. But you're right about the intuition. I always get a sinking feeling which I try to talk myself out of, but I'm always right.

Anonymous said...

Douchey boners are for fat chicks who shit corn. Besides, I'd rather take that bitch known as "woman's intuition" over crotch rot ANY day...