September 27, 2007

Legally Barred

The Medill School of Journalism is regarded as one of the best journalism schools in the country. Located just a short train ride north of Chicago, I have visited Northwestern’s Campus to check out this program. I did this about two years ago when I was considering going back to school. After visiting Northwestern and doing some more research (and soul searching), I opted for the paralegal program at Roosevelt University instead. The cost, location, cost, admissions process and cost were a few of the reasons I opted for becoming a paralegal as opposed to earning my second journalism degree.

Applying to Medill’s graduate program has crossed my mind time and time again - more so with the mentality of do-it-and-see-if-I-get-in than it‘s mine! However, having already taken out loans for a certificate I’m using, it’s hard to justify chucking that for a career I’ve already tried. It seems like my time and money at Roosevelt and my first year paralegalling could be considered a waste if I go back to a career I’ve already abandoned.

My one caveat to this logic has always been a perfect melding of the two - law and journalism. Medill has a degree that does just that. It’s a dual degree where time is split between the journalism and law schools - the idea being that this degree should prepare the student for a career writing about all things legal. It seemed perfect for me.

With this “what if” mentality kicking in full force the other day, I checked out Medill’s Web site to get some basic facts about the program. Seeing none, I sent a quick email to admissions. A few days later, I got my response. The program no longer exists. “Both schools are in process of revamping the program and may offer it again in a few years down the road, which is why you are not able to find any information about the program.”

I guess for now I can stop wondering what if, and maybe go back to asking myself what else?


kelsalynn said...

no way! That stinks...I'm sorry. Did they know if a program like that was offered anywhere else?

I'm glad to see the strike was short...

Kristin said...

OK so I am stalking you today but University of Illinois in Champaign has such a program, where you combine your JD and a master's in journalism. And it's undoubtedly way cheaper than Northwestern. Downside ... you'd have to move to Champaign.