September 22, 2007

My New Toy

Since day one, I have been unable to connect to a (free) wireless Internet connection in my new digs. Today, I did. I am, as I write this. The difference that allowed me to connect today was simple. I got a laptop!

After talking about getting a fancy, new computer for months and doing some online browsing, I bought this. I am incredibly happy. And I feel very adult. It was one of the bigger purchases I've made. Getting a laptop was certainly not an inpulse buy. I have been wanting one for about a year, but only within the past few months realized it was financially feasible. The overtime I've been working as of late and the overtime that's coming to me over the next two months made this purchase easier to make.

My main reason for getting a laptop was my hatred for working on my home computer. It's a fine computer (thanks, Brian!) but after sitting at a desk for 8+ hours a day, I never had motivation to go home to return to sitting in front of a computer that faces my wall. There's something about sitting on my couch while working that makes a world of difference to me. As I've said, I have been spending a lot of time at work, and I know the end in sight is still two months away. The idea of leaving at 5 and going home to work more seems much better than staying until 8 and dodging the cleaning ladies. Oscar prefers it that way too, which is to say, as is my motivation for most things, my computer was purchased partially out of cat guilt.

The other reason I used to justify my purchase was that if I had a laptop at home I might update my blog more. Case and point, you're reading this now, right?

So while it was great to learn I can steal the Internet again (I'll be purchasing my own soon, don't worry) it's even greater to learn that this blog updating this is a whole lot easier. I hate to get anyone's hopes up, but maybe, JUST maybe, I'll be updathing this blog on more than a monthly basis. And also given that Oscar's sleeping next to me as I type, I can gather he's pretty happy about my purchase too.


kelsalynn said...

It's about time Amy! I'm excited for you though b/c I know you've been planning this purchase for a while! Way to treat yourself to a new laptop! And yes, I expect you will update your blog more often.

happygirl said...

whoo hoo for a new computer and more blog posting! I need more ways to waste time, and reading your blog sounds like a good one to me! :)