September 29, 2007

The Season is Upon Us

My friend Jenny called me this afternoon to let me know a very disturbing fact. While driving to the park, she spotted an inflatable lawn ornament. (For those of you not familiar with my stance on inflatable lawn ornaments, see here.)

The fact that see saw an inflatable pumpkin adorning someone's front lawn was disturbing, but not surprising since I also had spotted my first inflatable lawn ornament this morning too! On some one's balcony no less. Why someone would chose to take up their only outdoor space with an inflatable is beyond me. It was a shock for both us to see fall/Halloween inflatables already dotting the landscape. We weren't prepared for it. Jenny and I have both gone months without an inflatable in sight. And now they're back to stay, at least through St. Patrick's day.

So the inflatable season is upon us, and I am not happy.


kelsalynn said...

How funny is it that just yesterday Michael and I were driving and he said, "oh no, bring on the lawn ornaments..." and I thought of you! I'm sorry Ames...they're here, and they're here for a while since I don't remember them starting during Halloween last year. Great, before we know it, STUPID people will find a reason to have an inflatable lawn ornament in their yard ALL YEAR 'ROUND! AAAAHHH!!

happygirl said...

no frickin way, I'm not ready for lawn ornaments yet!!!! I did hear a xmas song on the radio today, which was equally, if not more, disturbing.
your post about lawn ornaments made me nostalgic about Laynie's old "not in a million years" possible daycare in lansing.

Anonymous said...

So unfortunate. So, so unfortunate. - Jenny