December 1, 2009

If This Blog Could Talk...

This would not be a quiet post.


I have known this family it feels as long as I have known my own. I was introduced to them when my friend Jenny moved to my elementary school in the fifth grade. (Side note - I found out my elementary school is closing. So sad!)

This is Jenny and her hubby Luke. I was the maid of honor in their wedding. They are madly in love. It's cute.

When Jenny and Luke were married a few months back they forgot to do one thing in the rush of the day's excitement. They didn't get a photo of just them and Jenny's family. They got photos with aunts and uncles and cousins and grandmas and grandpas, but not a photo of just the family. Jenny's solution was to suggest to her mom a shoot with me. I was more than happy to oblige when I was home for Thanksgiving. So family photos we got.


Even though Friday was cold. Very cold. And part of our shoot was to take place while they picked out a Christmas tree.


I even managed to get a few engagement shots for Scott and Heather's wedding Web site.


But I do have to say these photos don't do the family justice. They are not completely representative of the family I know. Sure they do smile, and they do like being in each other's company, but man are they fun. They more often joking around then they are sitting together and smiling quietly. If I honestly had to pick a shot that represents this, my second family, it's this one.


Man are they fun. Thanks guys. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Hopefully next time in better weather.


kelsalynn said...

So fun! I love the pictures! You can tell their smiles are real, and not fake-posing for the camera. The last pic is a lot of fun for sure! And the engagement photos turned out great!

Megan said...

Could these guys be any more fun? I think you captured their spirit perfectly. Really fantastic, Amy.

Anonymous said...

Way better than a Sears photo shoot!!! These are so good and I loved reading your comments along with the pics. My absolute favorite is the one of Scott helping Heather into the wagon...the light behind them is awesome!