December 24, 2009

Your Very Own Virtual Christmas Card

I didn't bother sending out Christmas cards this year. In fact I didn't end up doing anything. There isn't a single strand of tinsel or a Christmas candle anywhere to be found. I'm sure there will be years where I opt to have Christmas coming out of the wazoo. This just wasn't one of those years.

Mike and I are spending a quiet night home tonight, hanging with the cats. I'll probably drink a little wine. We'll probably eat some leftovers. And then tomorrow we'll get up and drive to Wisconsin with Leroy in tow. He hasn't been himself the past few days. We were getting concerned so we spent a part of our afternoon at the emergency vet. The consultation left Mike a little lower on funds that he'd like, but we now have a Leroy that is eating and resting comfortably. I can think of no greater Christmas gift than Mike, me and three happy and healthy cats.

So from all of us to all of you, we'd like to say have a very Merry Christmas.


Megan said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Amy. I sincerely hope that this blizzard doesn't hinder your travel plans.

kelsalynn said...

too cute! Merry Christmas! (from warm Cali!)

Dorrie said...

Your cats look thrilled. =)