December 30, 2009

A Brief Look Back

Let's talk about goals.

I don't do resolutions. My friend Jenny and I do goals. Usually we pick five. And I'm sure tomorrow she will call me or I will call her and we'll exchange our goals. Before I do with you all, I need to revisit this year's accomplishments and shortcomings. There are some of both.

Goal 1: Find out and fix my credit score.
This is one of those things I meant to blog about but never got around to. I first checked my credit score in March. It was a 767. It still is. I haven't "fixed" my credit score because hey, if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Goal 2: Learn the history of my violin.
My story about the history of my violin is the same. Earlier this year I did some research. I meant to blog about that too. I even started an account and was able to trace my family's roots on my mom's side to the 1700s through Google searches. However, I wasn't able to connect anyone as a Pennsylvania Innkeeper.

I also researched the make and model of my violin. I learned it is a knock off of an 1817 John Baptist Schweitzer model. It's a copy right down to the fake crack the makers most likely included to trick people into thinking it was authentic. I've always been worried about the crack in its face, so I was pretty relieved to find that was most likely put there by it's maker.

But if you asked me the history of my violin I would still say "Some grandfather (great or great-great) on my mom's side ran a hotel in Pennsylvania and a man came to stay one night. The man couldn't pay so he left his violin as payment. He said he'd come back with cash in exchange for the violin. He never did."

Goal 3: Run the Shamrock Shuffle in under 50 minutes.
Didn't happen. It snowed the day of. And actually as of this year, I gave up running entirely. I honestly don't know the last time I did it. Also, I don't care. I don't want to be a fantastically fast runner. I don't have the desire to run a marathon. I want to be healthy, and I don't need running to do that.

Goal 4: Play vibrato.
I still can't play vibrato. I practiced and I tried to master this, but I just didn't give it my all. I was talking to a fellow violin player and she told me it took her a year a half to get it down. And she can't play it today because she hasn't kept it up. I realized playing vibrato has more to do with strenghtening muscles than it does learning a movement. Strenghtening those muscles would have taken more dedication than I'd planned. So I failed on this account. But on the other hand, I am immensely proud of my performance at Dorrie's wedding and that's what truly mattered to me.

Goal 5: Cut my student loans in half.
I started with close to $9,000 in student loans. I now have none. I annihilated this goal.

Coming up tomorrow (or maybe the 1st), my amazingly awesome fantastic 2010 goals.

And because I now believe every post is better with photos, allow me to share a few that I took in Wisconsin this past weekend. Wisconsin was covered in a thick layer of snow and Mike and I enjoyed it with some sledding and skiing. And I of course, took a ton of photos.


Megan said...

I love that you learned something from each goal - even the ones that you didn't "complete". Awesome job this year! I can't wait to read your 2010 goals.

Mike Dickey said...

I had goals I set for 2009 that became irrelevant or "unimportant". I didn't even do a post like this b/c so many of my original goals no longer mattered. Instead, I blogged about what I did accomplish even if it wasn't a goal to begin with.

Can't wait to see your goals for 2010!

Anonymous said...

Out of my 5 goals, I accomplished 1: to have an amazingly awesome time at my wedding. And hey, out of all of them I'd say that was by far the most important. You did way better this year though. Well done!! Now for 2010...the year of the marathon/photography business!