January 28, 2009

My Precious

I've decided that since I have a new camera will all kinds of manual settings that I should probably learn how to use said manual settings. A few weekends ago, I took out my camera and played around with it for about two hours. I spent that time trying to understand how exciting things like aperture, ISO speeds and exposure combine to form balanced images. I learned these things a long time ago when I took photography in college, but I've certainly had to restart that portion of my brain. I've lost a lot. But after my two hour photo session it all started making sense again.

The photo above is of my violin. I love this photo because it shows off two of my favorite things about this violin. First, the rose. When I first saw my violin, I was a 10-year-old girl. To a 10-year-old girl a pretty little rose was all it took to make me fall in love with my violin. Secondly, I love that some of it's scratches are visible. Most people probably think its imperfections are unsightly, but I love each and every scratch. They are reminders of how much history belongs to this violin. And as for how its history fits in with my family's, I'm still working on that.


Dorrie said...

So.... would it be possible for you to take some wedding photos and play violin at the same time? Seriously girl, you da bomb!!!

bcj. said...

Lemme know if you wanna go on a shooting excursion around town with me one day. I'm happy to help you dust some technical stuff off with the little bit that I know.


kelsalynn said...

What a beautiful picture. I think it's gorgeous...scratches and all!