January 3, 2009

A Day To Forget

Tomorrow is my birthday. It is a day which I have determined is one of the worst ever to celebrate a birthday. I won't go into detail about the many birthdays that have lead to the conclusion that a Jan. 4 birthday sucks, but let's just say not even me after surviving Thanksgiving, the Christmas season and New Year's is excited to celebrate my birthday. My lack of excitement means I don't really expect others to get too worked up about it either. My blasé attitude about my day combined with the fact that I'm turning a very uneventful 28 tomorrow means my birthday energy amounts to a resounding... meh.

(As bad as I think I have it, I do feel worse for Mike. Because on top of all the gift giving that is associated with the aforementioned celebrations, our anniversary is on New Years. Hence, I get awesome gifts like a swanky camera.)

Before I begin my 28th year, I feel the need to honor my 27th with a look back. I think given the nature of this blog, my best measurement of a successful year is in the lessons I have learned. So the question is, what have I learned during the past 365 days?

This past year was a year of hobbies and pursuing the things I once liked doing. I picked up the violin again and learned that not everything I had been taught during the eight years I played was lost. I also tried skiing after a decade's lapse and learned that I can still ski. I learned that my passion for photography is alive and well. If anything, I hope to take a lot more photos (and share them with you) over the coming year.

My exercise regimen has fluctuated over this past year, but I amazed myself when I learned I was still capable of running five miles on very sporadic training. I also learned that despite my intense fear of morning workouts, I can do just that. And in the biggest surprise possible, I have come to find I actually prefer it.

Twenty-seven, also was the year of new toys. I got a bike, a new phone, mini-helicopter, a kick ass massage chair and my fancy new camera. I subsequently learned how to use all these things, and managed to lose one of my favorite toys. I dropped my iPod in Macy's last week and as a result learned that I am not as responsible with my toys as I should be.

I also did a little of my favorite thing this past year: travel. I saw Morocco, Denver and Arizona, not to mention quite a few trips to Wisconsin and Michigan. A learned a little about myself in each of these places, like my love for a good treasure hunt and when love can make you do at 6 a.m.

This year was a pretty big one for Mike and I. We stopped pretending that we were just co-workers and as a result, I learned there is almost no greater feeling than being able to tell anyone I want that I have a boyfriend. I also moved in with Mike and learned that I love living with him (even though sometimes I can't sleep next to him). I think I will always look back on this past year as one that tested our relationship but also made me realize he is the man I wanted to muddle through all that honest-to-goodness, real relationship stuff with. And while sometimes I think I can do it all, I need him there by my side to help me physically and emotionally.

Seeing all this now, in black and white (with blue hyperlinks and accompanying photos) makes me feel pretty darn good about how I've spent my 27th year. I do feel very fortunate to be able to do the things I do and enjoy them with the people that are in my life. As a result, tomorrow now seems less significant. It is the day I was born, but that's it. It's a day. My birthday may not be a rocking celebration, but the 364 days that follow it will probably hold some pretty amazing memories. And in the light of that lesson, I have nothing to complain about.

I cannot end this post without saying this year also was the year I began to write a little more frequently and put more effort into this blog. It brings me a lot of joy to be able to share my life with those of you who read this blog. Your comments and emails make my day. Thanks for checking in, and I look forward to sharing the next year(s) of my life with you.

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Alexis said...

YAY! good reflection post. AND...Happy birthday! Yeah a post new years bday kinda sux, but remember the time we went out and Kelsa saw Sergei Federov on your bday? good times!
As rob likes to say- once you get the car insurance reduction at 25, it's all downhill. Happy Birthday anyway! love ya!