September 21, 2008

Home Improvements

Mike and I got a new piece of furniture this weekend. The last thing we need is a new piece of furniture. We have plenty of furniture. If anything, maybe too much furniture.

It is the after effects of combining two lives and two homes worth of furnishings. When I moved to Mike's home in August, I got rid of most of my belongings because Mike's home was far from bare bones.

He has a 55-inch TV, an L-shaped couch (with fold out queen size bed), an eight person dining/poker table, a coffee table, a queen sized bed with matching end tables and a dresser. And that's only our bedroom and the main room. The run off furniture is crammed in the second bedroom - a full size bed, book shelf, clothing storage unit and an L-shaped glass top desk.

With everything we already have I was less than thrilled when Mike told me his brother was bringing a chair for us when he came to visit this weekend. I had no idea where we'd put it. This chair would take some serious furniture rearrangement if not purging. Mike told me if we didn't want to keep it, we could always sell it. But now that we have the chair I will tell you, we are not selling it.

You see, I love this chair. This chair is not just any chair. This chair massages. And not mere isolated vibrations here and there massaging. It has settings, lots of settings. It rolls. It taps. It rolls and taps. It has gentle and hard settings. It can go wide across the shoulders or narrow across the waist. It even has a leg massage.

Right now our new piece of furniture is in the living room blocking passage to and from the couch. And it will sit there until we make room for it, and we will make room. Because after about 5 minutes in this chair I learned that I cannot (will not!) live without it.

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kelsalynn said...

I could really go for your massage chair right now- my neck is sooo stiff today. Bummer.

So, has the chair caused any fights yet?

"It's my turn to sit in it." "No, it's MY turn." kind of thing?