September 24, 2008

Setting into Fall

It was dark outside during my 7 p.m. commute home tonight. This was the first night in many, many months when I returned home to darkness. And I don't like it. It signifies the end of summer.

I don't have many complaints at this exact moment. Mike and I are sitting on the couch in shorts with our windows open, a cool breeze fanning us. Temperatures have hit the 80 degree mark the past few days with a sunny, pleasant forecast predicted for this upcoming weekend.

But I'm not letting Chicago's current sunny disposition fool me. We're heading into October now, which means on any given day in the next few weeks temperatures could range anywhere from 45 to 85 degrees. And at either the high end or low end of that spectrum the strongest reaction to the weather I'll be able to muster is"meh" (shrugs shoulders). Fall is the season of unpredictability. Just ask last year's marathoners. Ahhh well. Such is life during a Chicago fall. The only thing that can be counted on are sunsets prior to 7 p.m.

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