September 19, 2008

A Short Post

I visited my salon yesterday. And I made a change. For the longest time, I had long hair. Until this past summer, my hair laid at least three inches past my shoulders for I don't know how many years.

This summer, I cut it shorter (about shoulder length), and when I went in yesterday I had two words to describe what I wanted - shorter and darker. And that's what I got.
Here I am with my grown-out, semi curly, blah locks.

And here's me with some a little shorter and darker.

I've decided I like short hair Amy right now. I already am planning on this same 'do only shorter for next time. And if my current hair trend continues, I might just end up with the cut Mike's been suggesting I get - purple Mohawk.


bcj. said...



kelsalynn said...

SOOOO Sexy! Hell yeah! Love it! Although I'm with Mike- a purple mohawk would be awesome too!

I love the dark- very trendy.

Alexis said...

I need another cut so badly.......