September 4, 2008

Getting Political

One of my goals for 2008 was to make an educated choice for president. As the political season heats up, I have found myself engrossed in all things presidential.

I don't want to make my personal political stance on this blog. Those of you who know me probably have an idea of who I'm voting for. And yes, I already know who I am voting for. However, that is not stopping me from researching all I can about the candidates to make sure my decision is an informed one. I've hear people arguing politics a lot these days, but most o the time I feel like they are arguing the points of a popularity contest versus the changes each candidate will make upon their election to this most highest title. I want to argue issues. I want to argue policy and I want to be sure I understand what each candidate's policies mean for the country before I open my mouth.

In an effort to educate myself, I've come across a lot of good information via the Internet, and I hope to come across a lot more in the months to come. As it is my hope to make an informed presidential selection, I hope I am not alone. To do my part this political season I plan to pass along to you, dear Internet, anything I find as a credible, helpful source of information.

To start, here are two Web sites I'm checking on a weekly, if not daily basis. As politics go, a lot is said, not all of it true. The following Web sites are good for sorting fact from fiction:

Please feel free to pass along any good reading you've found regarding your election selection. I am open to any and all suggestions.

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