September 25, 2008

Rooted in the Issues

My voter registration card reads Illinois resident. With that designation, I realize my vote will not have as great an impact as say if I lived in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Florida, Ohio or Michigan.

I did live in Michigan. The first 24 years of my life were spent as a Michigan resident, so it pains me to see what terrible times the state has faced over the past few years. It's hard to hear about its sinking economy, its staggering job losses, its corrupt political leaders and not think of how many wonderful memories I have rooted within Michigan's borders.

Michigan is watching this election very closely and with good reason. In this election, yes a Michigan vote will count more than my Illinois vote, but I know if I were still in Michigan my worries would also be greater than they are here in Chicago. To sum up why Michigan needs a strong president, I direct you to this article I came across today. It demonstrates not only why this election is to vital to Michigan's prosperity, but also why Michigan is so important to the county's as well. And yes, I am biased because Michigan is very important to me.

This article also reiterated for me something I have felt strongly about in regard to this election. First, please vote. But secondly, please vote for your candidate because of the good you think they can do for the country. Do not vote for a candidate because of their race. Do not vote for a candidate because of their gender. Do not vote for a candidate because their sound bites are more catchy, more memorable. These things are simply too superficial during such a critical time in our country's history. Vote for your candidate because he takes a stand on an issue that is important to you. Vote your candidate because you think the plans they have for this country will benefit you and the people you love. Be able to argue why their plans for the country are in line with your convictions. And if your convictions tied to your choice for the next president are anything less than issue-specific this election becomes about as substantive as a People magazine Who Wore it Best poll. We all deserve better than that.

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