September 10, 2008


I am trying, trying really hard to get back into working out and making smarter eating choices. I did this - the running and the eating healthy thing - way back in 2006. That discipline did not reappear in 2007 or this first part of 2008 either. For the past few months I have beat myself up for not taking better care of my overall health. That's the thing though, I beat myself up mentally but rarely ever physically did anything about it.

I ran tonight. And it felt good. As good as it did when I ran Sunday. Actually, it felt better. I went farther, ran longer and kept a better pace. I'm not sure where my current motivation is coming from, but I'm running with it (pun intended). I think I'm just so tired of being inactive that I have no other option but to be active. Maybe it also has something to do with the weather and change of season. It's possible I'm only trying to steal these last few weeks of pleasant, enjoyable weather before the depression that is a Chicago winter sets in.

I'm hoping my motivation isn't a temporary thing, but given I haven't worked out consistently in more than a year I just don't know. My motivation for moving my body ebbs and flows and just because it's high right now doesn't mean it won't take a nose dive at any moment. I guess I write about this here with the hope that if I make my struggles and progress a little more public, I might find my motivation lasting longer than I expect.

Guess we'll have to wait and see.

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kelsalynn said...

Great job on getting out there and running and focusing on your health overall. It's a hard first step to take. One thing I've learned is that you can have a bad week and it doesn't mean you're starting a new's just a bad week. Pick up and continue living as healthy as possible the following week. I used to think that if I fell off, I was off for good and beat myself up but it's just not the case.

The trick is finding a routine that you enjoy enough to keep doing it for a long time- one where you don't focus SOLELY on working out/healthy eating but one where you don't forget all about it either.

Oh, and enjoy the weather while you can. The radio this morning said they're predicting a very harsh winter!

Sorry this is so long,