September 8, 2008

I've Got Issues

(In keeping with all things politics..)

To argue successfully your choice for president, you need to first know where the candidates stand on the issues, and really which issues you deem most important. How does McCain plan to improve education? What is Obama's stance on foreign relations? How much will McCain's plan tax you versus Obama's plan? How does each candidate plan to solve the energy crisis and lessen our dependence on foreign oil? Which candidate's platform do you see as having a greater impact on stimulating the United States depressed economy?

Any idea?

The best place to start is to go straight to the source. I present, the McCain-Palin platform and the Obama-Biden platform.

Read away. Refer to these pages as often as need be. I cannt count how many times I've visited them myself.

And if for you, the environment and energy exploration are hot topics, I urge you to check out this NPR interview with Thomas Friedman. His interview does an excellent job at summing up the candidates' stances on the environment and energy and explaining why this issue merits our attention. As a side note, Friedman is an incredibly talented and intelligent author who wrote The World Is Flat, one of the most eye-opening books I have ever read.

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