January 20, 2009

And By Live You Meant Exactly What?

Are you kidding me MSNBC.com? How is it that I was watching your "Live Coverage" of the inauguration and ended up missing President Obama being sworn in as well as his entire speech? What part of live coverage do you not understand? If you are in fact "live" you think you'd show what was actually happening - not what I now realize were clips from earlier this morning while your pundents talked about the historic significance of this moment. How about actually showing this historic moment, you deceiving SOBs!

I missed this moment in history. It's over. I was sitting in my office alone watching your BS online coverage not knowing what I was missing. I could have easily walked down the hall to the cafe and watched this unprecedented moment live with several of my co-workers, but I didn't. You know why? Because I didn't know it was happening! Because you said you were live! But you were not!

I now need to find video the actual inauguration and watch the freakin' replay. And you know what, I will not be trying to find this video through your Web site because me and you, MSNBC.com, we are through.


kelsalynn said...

Oh, I'm sorry... luckily you'll be able to catch it on youtube or other news websites. I know it's not the same, but it's better than missing it altogether. I'm surprised their channel said "LIVE" on it if it wasn't. I don't get how that works out...

bcj. said...

I taped it if you haven't seen the 8 billion replays yet. Yes, I said "taped," on good old VHS. Stands for Very Handsome Sumbitch.