January 12, 2009

I'm It

My friend Kelsa tagged me and this little old blog o' mine. So I'll answer Kelsa's questions because she's Kelsa and she can run marathons and kick my ass on any given day (if she weren't so far away in Phoenix). So here goes:

Four favorite memories of 2008:
1. Jumping into the freezing Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Morocco with six other wild and crazy ladies by my side
2. Telling the first of many co-workers that I was dating Mike
3. Crossing the Muddy Buddy finish line with Jenny
4. Getting a raise

Four favorite movies of 2008:
1. Burn After Reading
2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
3. Gone Baby Gone (came out in 2007, but I saw it this year)
4. Run Fat Boy, Run

(Alternately, can I just say the absolute WORST movie I saw this past year was The Love Guru. It was not rented, but rather given to Mike and I. We watched it. And I will never get any of those 87 minutes of my life back.)

Four favorite foods of 2008:
1. Mozzarella and arugula pizza from Pizza D.O.C
2. Chi Tea Trench Toast from Orange
3. Fillet Mignon from Ruth's Chris
4. Mike's mashed potatoes

Four favorite places in 2008:
1. Essouria, Morocco
2. Sedona, AZ
3. Wonewoc, WI
4. Westland, MI

Four events of 2008:
1. Moving in with Mike
2. My family's first weekend retreat in Union Pier, Michigan
3. My first U of M football game/brother-in-law's 30th birthday
4. Election Day

Four things I liked in 2008:
1. Traveling (CO, AZ, Morocco and the Midwest!)
2. Playing my violin
3. Finding a new gym
4. Skiing in Wisconsin

Four reasons I'm looking forward to 2009:
1. Being Maid of Honor in Jenny's wedding
2. Playing violin at Dorrie's wedding
3. Another Chicago summer
4. My and Mike's first full year of shackin' up together

Four people I tag:
No one! I'm bucking the rules here. If you read this and are inspired to tag yourself, let me know in my comments.

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kelsalynn said...

YAY! I hereby deem your tag fulfilled! Nice post!

I forgot 2008 was the year you and Mike "came out." That's such an awesome memory to have! What a good story for your kids someday! ha ha.