January 3, 2009


I took two days off work last week. After my extended Christmas weekend in Michigan, I took Monday and Tuesday off just to recoup and do whatever I wanted to do. I ran errands on Monday and did usual housekeeping stuff, but on Tuesday I ventured out. I went downtown with the hope that some of the holiday crowds had subsided. While shopping was on my mind, photography was too. I wanted to test out my new camera and see what images of Chicago I could capture.

One of the most photographed areas of the city these days is Millennium Park and The Bean. Everyone wants a photo of The Bean, but I have plenty (so I only got a few more). Instead, I focused for a little while on an equally photogenic subject in the park: the pavilion.

It's an oddly shaped, futuristic structure with hard Dr. Seuss angles. I took a few photos of the shell, but the one above ended up being my favorite. It is the roof of the shell that overhangs the pavilion seats as taken from the structure's western side. In editing when I got home I turned the photo black and white and blew out the fill light a little. The result the photo above.

But I don't know. I kind of like this one too. This is the inside of the pavilion.


Megan said...

Beautiful shots! I love the pavillion. I'm a big fan of Frank Gehry and love that he has a few buildings here in the states. The Disney Music Hall in L.A. is my favorite building ever. The Gug in Bilboa is amazing too.

bcj. said...

Very excited to see your photos. I do like both very much, and for different reasons. The contrast in the first one commands attention while the more subtle details and patterns in the second one make that work for itself. Let me know if you ever want a walk-around photo buddy.