January 27, 2009

The Ups and Downs of My Day

Today was a mixed bag of sorts. I had high moments and one very low moment.

Let's start with the lows: I missed my run this morning. I got up in time to go but didn't have an MP3 player or headphones, so I convinced myself that there was no way I could run 2.5 miles at the gym without any noise distraction. I went back to bed and instead caught an earlier train to work. I was at the office and ready to work by 9 a.m., having left home at 8 a.m. I didn't get home until 7 p.m. tonight and I've still got work to do. Yuck. I've got a lot of work these days.

Speaking of work, the lowest low point of my day came at about 11 a.m. this morning. I was on my way to the printer when I paused for a moment just outside my office door, then turned on my heel and fell to the ground. And it wasn't a slow, graceful fall where something caught me on my way down and slowed my descent. It was an epic fall - a fall where I stumbled, slammed into the printer, said "oh my goodness!" on the way down and then proceeded to land on my hip and scatter the stack of paper I had been holding in my hand. I shudder to think of how cartoonish the whole thing must have looked. Thankfully I don't think anyone saw me, but they certainly heard me. People came out of their offices to see if I was OK. I'm OK, minus a bruised forearm and right hip.

What exactly caused my fall you ask? I'm not that clumsy, so this fall can officially be categorized as a wardrobe malfunction. It was the combo of black pants and shoes I was wearing. The black pants have a cuff that is just the right height to catch the heel of the shoes I was wearing. I've stumbled before while wearing this pant/shoe combo, but I always managed to catch myself. Today I did not, and as a result spent the rest of the day walking around with as wide a stance as possible while doing some modified high-footed Clydesdale step. I must have looked like an idiot, but at least I didn't fall again. And my lesson has been learned. I will not be wearing those pants with those shoes again.

And now to the good. My day may have started void of an MP3 player but I ended it with an iPod. I lost (really left) my iPod in a Macy's earlier this month. The timing was unfortunate because I lost it less than a week into my Shamrock Shuffle training. Not being able to justify the purchase of a new iPod, I purchased a gently used one off eBay. I unfortunately sent it back to the seller five days later when I realized it was never going to accept or keep a charge. I received confirmation that the seller received my iPod. I then waited to hear when I was going to receive a new one or a refund. I waited. And I waited. And I waited. In the meantime, I used Mike's MP3 player. Thank goodness for it, but his and my music selections vary. While my running mixes consist of a lot of top 40 and girly pop, generally things I like to dance to, Mike exercises to what I refer to as loud, hard, angry music. Luckily, we meet somewhere in the middle at Weezer.

I checked the shipping confirmation on my iPod today and began to get worried. USPS said it was delivered yesterday. Funny, I did not see it in my mailbox yesterday. Thankfully it was waiting by my front door when I got home from work. I can't wait to load my music and make the most ridiculous Top 40, girly pop running mix I can.

I've already decided tomorrow will be a better day than today. I plan to start tomorrow by getting my morning run in and hopefully (fingers crossed) not falling at any point during my work day.

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