December 6, 2009

It's Christmas Time in the City

My Friday night took an unexpected turn. Instead of going home right after work like I had originally planned, I went out for a few hours. I got an email from an old coworker at about 4:45 who wanted to know if I and another coworker were free for drinks. We were.

We walked up the street from our office and sat down for a few hours for drinks, appetizers and lots of good conversation. The gathering ended only because she had to leave for a holiday party with her husband. But my night didn't end there.

Mike was down the street in Daley Plaza with friends consuming beer at the Kris Kindle market. I had previously decided not to go because of the cold, but somehow after a few rounds of drinks with the gals the cold just didn't seem bothersome any more.

Thankfully I had my camera on me, so I was able to capture some Christmas-y night shots. I present to you, Christmas in the City, courtesy of the Kris Kindle market.

You should buy nuts there
Christmas Time
Santa's On Display

As a result of my Friday night I found myself on Saturday afternoon at my local Kris Kindle market. I live in the German part of town, so it's only natural that it would hold this type of event. I met up with one of my coworkers from the night before. We stayed for a couple hours, perused the booths, and listened to a ton of children's choirs. It really got me in the holiday spirit and made me have second thoughts about my previous stance of not decorating my house this year. My Christmas bins are tucked all the way in the back of my storage unit and I decided I was too lazy to take everything out.

However, as my friend and I were leaving the market, we saw this brass quartet playing Christmas music and darn it if I didn't think, "Yeah, I could dig out those storage bins."
Christmas Brass
Trumpeting Christmas


Megan said...

I love all these! I'm going to be heading to Chicago in May for an extra long weekend - I've been there before (about four dozen times) but you must show me around your favorite haunts. I just love looking at your photos of the city. It makes me want to see your Chicago.

Amy said...

Oh Megan, that would be fantastic. I'm always more than happy to show off my city. Are you coming into town for business or pleasure?

Megan said...

Travis is coming into town for business, I'm coming into town to bum around one of my favorite cities and not make my own bed for a few days.