March 28, 2010

Eat Your Vegetables

I started off my weekend by watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. Anyone else? I didn't plan on watching it, but some how I ended up on the show and then watched the entire two hour premiere.

It was eye-opening in the sense that I cannot believe how warped childrens' views of food are. Jamie proved that kids are willing to eat anything as long as its breaded, in the shape of a chicken nugget and fried. He also proved that a classroom full of first grade students couldn't tell the difference between a tomato and a potato. I realize kids at that age don't necessarily always know that french fries come from potatoes or that tomatoes make ketchup, but that fact that they couldn't identify the vegetables in their raw form was a bit sad. I would like take this moment to formally thank my parents for sitting us down for dinner every night. We had home cooked food more often than not, and I certainly remember eating my fair share of vegetables - whether I wanted to or not.

I ended my weekend with a photo shoot with a sweet little girl by the name of Becca. She restored my faith in children. And her parents are wonderful. Totally the type that will make her eat her vegetables, even though she currently only has four teeth.


kelsalynn said...

Okay, wow, best smile EVER! That kid is so cute! I just want to laugh WITH HER...she's great!

I emailed you about the Food Revolution stuff already...

Dorrie said...

I would like to thank your parents for letting me stay over for dinner all the time. They're the only reason I drank milk as a kid. =)