March 8, 2010

Keep Your Anonymous Comments To Yourself

I love comments. I have no shame admitting that. While I don't write with the intention to provoke comments from my readers, I get ridiculously happy whenever someone takes the time to comment on whatever recent drivel I've written. That's why lately, I've been getting increasingly fed up with the countless spammers who've found my blog.

Years ago, I made it mandatory that I accept any comment before it is published on my blog. It's my blog, my content and out of respect to the people I on occasion have written about, I just felt better having that little bit of control. I could not be more happy I chose to do that because for every post I write as of late, I get at least one spam comment.

For instance, today I received the following comment about a post I wrote in December wherein I posted several photos of Chicago at Christmas:
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like and
other financial keywords. My web page is

If your page is important contact me.
please only good pages, wih PR>2 and related to financial keywords
Yup. I rejected that one. I reject them all. But I'm annoyed at the frequency at which I have to do it now.  I used to get really excited when I had an "Anonymous" comment because they'd more than likely be from my mom, or some of my good friends like Dorrie, Jenny or Wendy. There was even that one time Mike even left a comment. But lately they are all robot-sounding, grammatically incorrect spam. And most are trying to link to some other service or page.

For instance, when I posted photos of my recent trip to Phoenix, I received the following comment on that post from "Heidi":
Thanks for posting those wonderful photos!!!You had a nice adventures
huh?Hope,we could do those things that you did..I enjoy reading your

phoenix personal trainer

The "phoenix personal trainer" in that comment had a link that I never clicked on. I didn't want them to think they won.

Sometimes though the comments can be a little intimidating. Like this next one. I like to believe it was written by a nice, but stern older gentleman, whose native language is not English. He commented in response to my post about my weekend in Wisconsin spent pumping quarters into a bar game:
Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not
as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality
now. Keep it up!
And according to this article, I totally agree with your opinion, but
only this time! :)
So noted anonymous commenter. I will do my best to conform any future opinions to your imaginary ones. And thank you for the emoticon.

Sometimes though, they are short and sweet, like this comment left in response to my Olymp-nics post:
Hello. And Bye.
By far and away though, my favorite comment recently (I can't possibly remember them all at this point) is the following one left on my Phoenix post. It in no way can be related to anything I wrote in that post. And it's a controversy I never thought my little blog would be subjected to:
Good afternoon

We do not agree with this year BRIT awards 2010 decision.

Please attend our little web survey

Lady Gaga can not be better than Madonna

Poll supported by BRIT awards 2010 sponsor femmestyle - tickets left standing!! This Competition is now closed
I looked into it, and learned that Lady Gaga did a clean sweep of her nominations at the 2010 Brit Awards. She won for best international female artist, best international breakthrough act and best international album for The Fame. I, however, found no mention of Lady Gaga stealing Madonna's thunder.

So anonymous commenter you, you are the worst. Do not clog my inbox with fake controversies. And untimely ones at that. The Brit Awards were held more than three weeks ago. It is time to move on. And to you, I say:
Hello. And Bye.


kelsalynn said...

You need to update your settings so a "key word" must be typed in when leaving a post. It stops them almost immediately. I got one comment, then started getting a bunch of them. It's like once 1 of htem finds you, they all find you. I added the "safe word" or whatever that thing is called and I never get spam comments now. Let me know if you don't know what I'm talking about and I'll help!

Megan said...

My favorite comments are the ones that aren't even in English. I'm not against foreign languages. It delights me to think someone halfway across the world would read my blog (God knows why), but the ones in all Chinese with a link to a site that's obviously not someone's personal blog or webpage? Ugh! I only have to approve messages on old posts, but I do keep up with what's being posted on my blog and press delete when it's spammers like that.

I feel your pain. Spam is everywhere - blogger, facebook, twitter, my inbox (I get 2 dozen emails a week about my apparent erectile disfunction problem addressed to Mr. Megan Anne Swicegood). Such a pain in the butt to have to deal with.

Alexis said...

wow I feel lucky this hasn't happened to me yet. I Was going to suggest what kelsa already suggested- so never mind that idea.
A friend of mine used to have a family blog similar to what I have- and people started anonymously commenting on her blog- and like hard core bashing her parenting style. she's pretty strict- like will give them a quick hair pull or whatever for misbehaving, but she has 6 kids, so she kind of has to be. anyway, yeah, it was crazy what people would say and not leave their name- she ended up making her blog private after that.

Dorrie said...

Remember that time someone left a comment about chicks from Kansas that eat too much corn?!! =)