March 23, 2010

Not This Time

Any one who has read this blog for more than a year knows I at one point in time considered myself a runner of sorts - and that I now no longer consider myself a runner of any sort. I gave it up last year after having realized there was no need to torture myself with an exercise that, in all honesty, I hated. Especially when I have a gym membership and several fancy elliptical machines waiting for me a few blocks away whenever I want.

One of the events that triggered my letting go of running was the 2009 Shamrock Shuffle. Those of you with good memories might recall that the morning of the 2009 Shamrock Shuffle looked like this:

Something about this race always brings the crappiest weather. This year was no exception. It did snow the day before the 2010 Shuffle. Thankfully the morning of the race was just cold, wet and dark. No snow. However, having given up running, as aforementioned, my title that day was photographer not runner. It's a title I'm more comfortable with any way.

My friend Jenny came into town to run the race and did quite fantastic I must say. I, on the other hand, got what I think are some fantastic images. And I didn't even break a sweat.

This crew below was a little late. I passed them as I was on my way to try and capture the lead pack at mile three. I didn't. The lead pack runs so much faster than I walk.

Even though it was cold and rainy, it helped me get this cool shot (below).

I learned that photographing runners isn't easy, especially on a cloudy day. There wasn't really any available sunlight and without it, my shutter was a lot slower than I wanted it to be. Plus, my lens was having a really hard time focusing on all these quickly moving, bobbing faces.

I gave that up for a bit and just tried to capture the movement.

The cool thing about the Shamrock Shuffle is that the loop pretty much shuts down. So sidewalks that I am fighting for space on my daily commute to work become desolate. The street below I walk down every day to work. There's no way I could have gotten this shot Monday through Friday.

The statute in the photo below is in a building's lobby right across the street from my office. I love how it stands out no matter the time of day or surroundings. But on this Sunday, it was a golden beacon.

Also located not far from my office is this plaza (below) with one of the famous Picasso sculptures. Again, I've always loved this sculpture, but I couldn't have gotten this clear of a shot on a weekday. The fact that a girl with a red scarf walked by as I was there was simply kismet.

I thought by the time I got downtown to the starting line that I might be sad that I wasn't running the Shuffle again. It is after all the first race I ever ran. But you know, I wasn't. I find so much more enjoyment these days behind the lens than I do pounding the pavement.

My one regret, however, is that I didn't get a photo of Jenny. I guess she's going to have to come back and run it again next year.


kelsalynn said...

1- love the pic of the guy running w/ his shadow in the water. You should track him down and charge him big bucks for a copy :)
2- love the last pic w/ the big red sculpture

I'm glad you didn't miss the race that much. Looks cold! :) Too cold!

Megan said...

Amazing photos, Amy! Really fantastic.