March 14, 2010

A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit of That

This post is not an attempt to be witty or insighful or really even coherent. This is a post I am writing simply to fill the time it will take for my dinner to roast.

I am making salmon and roasted carrots. They should be delicious. And they should be done in a matter of 15 minutes. So what can I tell you in the next 15 minutes? Well a few things.

First, this weekend was the official Chicago St. Patty's Day celebration. And if you have never heard of my town's St. Patty's Day celebrations let me tell you they are Legen - wait for it! - DARY. We even dye the river green. See here. Sadly, yesterday was not as nice as the day in that photo. It was dark and rainy, but that doesn't really stop anyone from going out. It's almost as it its Chicago's Groundhog's Day. Practically the entire city comes out of hibernation, hoping to see its collective shadow. But even if we don't, there's still a giant freaking party. Mike and I did our part. We left home at 9 a.m. and didn't return until after 6 p.m. We visited three different establishments, drank green beer, heard an Irish band and partook in some silliness on the el.
It was a job well done.

Now it's Sunday night though, and my mind is drifting toward all I need to do tomorrow at work. And honestly, some of what I should do tonight. I didn't leave work until 6 p.m. on Friday despite having enough work to stay another couple hours. But I just couldn't. I was spent and hoping I'd be able to finish one project this weekend. I have not yet. See St. Patty's Day paragraph above for reasons why. Despite all my work, I still will tell anyone who asks that yes, I do love my new job.

I took some photos to CVS today for prints. They turned out like crap. I didn't think they'd be great, but they look terrible. I had them printed as a gift for a friend. CVS ruined my gift. I am growing increasingly frustraated with my lack of photo printing options. So much so that I'm considering buying my own printer and just doing them myself. I'm not usually this much of a control freak, but I'm not happy with anywhere that prints my photos. I might just take matters into my own hands.

Also on the photorgaphy front, I've spotted the next lens I want to buy. Given the number of shoots I have coming up in the next four weeks, this purchase would be completely paid for. And then some.

Mike and I made an impulse purchase at Sears today. We bought an old school Orville Redenbacher popcorn air popper. I have never been so excited to eat popcorn in my entire life.

Speaking of eating, my food is done. I'm hungry. Later gators.


kelsalynn said...

salmon sounds yummy! especially when prepared by Amy! =] Wanna hear something dumb? I try to not serve salmon with carrots because I don't feel like there's enough color on the plate. I feel like it needs to be served with green.

Don't ask why. It's dumb.

Anonymous said...

Tell Kelsa your mom does the same thing - I hate putting out a meal that is mono tone - the more colors the better.