March 4, 2010

Best for Last

It is March. And now that February is over, I plan to catch my breath.

My February flew by. Looking back at all I did, it's no surprise. I quit my job of three years and started a new one. Mike and I went skiing for a day. I threw in a last minute photo shoot with a friend. Mike and I spent literally a weekend adding Bertha to our family. The following weekend Mike and I metaled in the inaugural family Olympics. And this past weekend, well let's just say I saved the best for last.

I have these two friends. Really calling them friends isn't suitable. The three of us may all live thousands of miles and states apart, but I am closer to them than I am most other people. They are more like family. Lexi, Kelsa and I met in college. Since then we have each moved to a different state, so we don't get to see one another all too often. This past weekend however was the exception.

After months and months of planning. My chicas and I convened in Phoenix. Given that I live in Chicago and Lexi's in Philly, Phoenix was the most appealing option in late February. I mean, Phoenix has this.

Lexi and I got the added bonus this weekend of a free personal training session with Kelsa's husband Michael. Michael has an awesome work out blog (check it out!) that Lexi and I follow. It's challenging and makes me try things I wouldn't otherwise try. And occasionally there are things on his blog that I'm not really sure I'm doing right. Mike walked us through his exercises, and I realized I was doing some things wrong. Yeah, I'm looking at you squats. I learned that apparently when you do squats the right way they actually really hurt your legs - for DAYS.

I also learned that I'm stronger than I give myself credit for. Mike spotted us on the bench press, and I surprised myself by doing 17 reps with a 45 pound bar. I honestly wasn't sure if I could do more than one.

We went to the gym earlier on Sunday when it was raining. Later on though, the clouds broke just as we pulled in to watch the sunset in the foothills.



After having not seen the sun for most of January and February, letting the sun hit my skin in for a while felt magical. I really miss the sun. But I wasn't in this trip completely for the weather. The weather was just a bonus. This was the real reason.

If our laughter kept you up, I'm sorry. No wait. I'm not. I'd see them both again this weekend if it were possible.


kelsalynn said...

The pics look great! What a wonderful post! Your last sentence brought tears to my eyes. I wish I could see you girls every weekend.

Someday. I'm hoping. Someday we'll live close enough to hang out every Friday or something. I know it.


PS: Michael and I love the 1st pic you posted.

Alexis said...

Yay! great post and great pics. We def. need to live closer- this whole having to fly 5hrs thing is over-rated.
Miss you girls arlready!