January 4, 2011


I let it be known every year that I could not be more displeased with the actual date of my birthday. It falls after a very busy holiday season making it a forgotten day. And truth be told, if it were not my own birthday I would probably spend every January 4 doing a whole lot of nothing.

As it's my birthday though, I always feel pressured to do something. Some years I let that feeling slip by. Last year I honeslty didn't do a thing. Given that this year's birthday is one ending in a zero, I felt I could not repeat my inactivity. So this coming Saturday handful of my close friends and co-workers and I will partake of beer and curry fries (my favorite!) at a local bar.

With Saturday's plans set, I didn't think of much for my actual birthday. Well my friends and family did. Between the voice mails, text messages, Facebook shout outs, Twitter mentions, virtual e cards and my friend Jenny's attempt to say Happy Birthday in every way possible, I truly felt loved. My family also outdid themselves. I received flowers from my parents and cupcakes from my sister - both delivered to my work. The cupcakes went over particularly well. And my man, well he made me a delicious dinner and did all the dishes. That's one of the ways we say I love you to one another. We take care of the perpetual mess that is our kitchen.

I am ending this first day of my new decade feeling very blessed, blessed that even though my birth date may not be the best, the people I surround myself with certainly are.

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Anonymous said...

1) I'm so grateful to have come to know you and feel blessed at being able to say "Happy Birthday" and share in your day in some little way. 2) I love that you and Mike think about kitchen duty as a way to say "I love you". I know when T does that for me, it truly means a lot and I think it's awesome that you guys recognize that. I feel like I'm learning a lot from you guys.