January 1, 2011

2010 Goals: Revisited

Before jumping into all I plan to do in 2011, please allow me to review what I set out to do last year and how I fared with all my aspirations. (To see the purpose behind my goals, see this post.)

Goal number one: Take 10,000 photos
Done. Knocked this one out of the park. In October I met and surpassed this goal. I have no idea what my actual total ended up being because honestly, keeping track of my photo totals was a pain in the ass. I am happy knowing that I exceeded my goal. I don't need to know by how much.

Goal number two: Get on WBEZ photo of the day.
This didn't happen. I tried, I submitted a lot of photos to the WBEZ Flickr pool, but in all honesty, there are a lot of great photographers submitting to that pool. It's worth taking a look at. And the WBEZ stream did favorite my stream, so it was a step in the right direction, but not a goal met. I'll keeping submitting photos and see if it happens some day.

Goal number three: Attend six digital photography meet ups.
I attended two, and got great photos from both (seen here and here). But once spring hit, I was too busy with shoots and editing photos to take photos for leisure purposes. So no more meets-ups did I attend. Goal met? No, only one-third there.

Goal number four: Buy only ethically-raised meat.
This was one of those goals for which I started out with a lot of steam. I even wrote a couple posts on the subject, here and here. And I don't mean to say I stopped focusing on this, but I stopped getting preachy about it. I still kept this goal in mind, and I certainly changed some of my habits. I haven't bought brand name, big chain grocery store meat in over a year. I stopped buying any pre-made frozen lunches (think Lean Cuisine) with meat as an ingredient. On top of that, I have limited my meat intake when dining out and also tried to make more vegetarian than meat dishes for lunch and dinner. I consider this goal a win. I wasn't perfect, but I made some life changes in the right direction, changes that now seem a way of life and not a goal I'm striving for.

Goal number five: Touch my toes.
If anything I think I'm more inflexible now than I was last year. I totally forgot about this goal come February. Oh well. I guess my being inflexible isn't all that much of a hindrance since it didn't really affect me in 2010. Goal failed.

So that was 2010 in a nutshell. For 2011? Check back soon. I'm cooking up some things.


Anonymous said...

How is it that you and I totally forgot to attempt our fitness goals?!

Congrats on all the photography accomplishments! It's kind of cool that you got to busy with your shoots to attend any meet-ups, totally legit excuse!

Your sister said...

If it helps you have inspired me to buy cage free eggs... it makes me smile to think of happy wandering chickens. The meat thing is taken care of.