January 9, 2011

Project 365: Week One

I used to be a very avid journal writer. I have about a dozen or more in storage that are filled with my teenage to twenty-something ramblings. And without them, there's a good chance I'd forget most if not all of what happened during those years of my life. You see, I have a terrible memory. (Just ask Mike.) I think that's why I've found doing this photo a day challenge has been really fun so far. I know looking back on these photos years from now that they will help me to remember some great times I otherwise would have forgotten. Although this week was pretty memorable, as it was the week I turned thirty.

Here is my first week's collection of photos. I'm keeping the entire set on Flickr, so the links below will take you there, which provides background into the reasons behind these shots. And just for reference, the numbers on the photos corresponds to the day of my 365 project. I've got a long way to go, but I am currently very hopeful that I can actually do this.

Day 2: Vivian Elle Invitations
Day 3: Bleak and Blustery
Day 4: Birthday cupcake
Day 5: Habits
Day 6: Spanish souvenir
Day 7: Flowers from my parents
Day 8: Home Renovations
Day 9: Old Folks Alley (it's photo set, because together these shots are better than the sum of their parts)

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JHaddad said...

I LOVE that you're doing this! So much that it makes me want to do it too. Not that my pictures would be as great, but I could try...