January 23, 2011

Project 365: Week Three

It was another crazy work week, so my photos weren't nearly as inspired as I had hoped they would be. I do wish there were a way to carry around my fancy camera and get the kind of artistic shot I'd like to take on a daily basis. But I just know that isn't feasible. And I keep reminding myself that looking back it's the collection as a whole that I'm going to love so I should be able to overlook the few that aren't as technically perfect as I'd like.

This week did have one major high. Mike and I booked a flight and a hotel room for an extended weekend in New Orleans. I've never been, and Mike hasn't been since he was a teen. I am incredibly excited to get away for a few days, to sleep in, not worry about taking care of the animals, to not answer work emails I don't have time to answer, to not spend my weekend cleaning and to consume a ridiculous amount of delicious, high caloric food. But more than anything I'm excited to capture the city with my lens. Creatively speaking, it should be a goldmine for me. I can guarantee that week's photos are going to be good.

Day 17: Picasso
Day 18: Headache
Day 19: Rolling  (with accompanying video)
Day 20: Knit
Day 21: My Favorite View
Day 22: Nano Sushi
Day 23: Frog Dog

1 comment:

savvyfitchica said...

Looks like the room is being used as planned!

I love the week's pictures, even if you're not super excited about them. Sounds like your sushi night was the perfect end to a long week in the office.