October 26, 2009

Just Like Us

Remember when I was in California and wanted to see a celebrity? And despite the entire state being lousy with them, I didn't see a single one? Yeah, well life is a little funny. Within a one week span beginning Friday, October 16, I had two celebrity sightings. And I was nowhere near California.

The first was in Chicago. Mike and I saw the play Million Dollar Quartet last Friday. We knew the actor playing Johnny Cash and scored some free tickets as a result. As a side note, I must say that if you live in Chicago or are visiting Chicago GO SEE THIS SHOW. It is nothing short of spectacular.

We were waiting in the lobby for our actor friend to emerge from backstage when one of the extended members of our group came back from the restroom and announced Elliott Gould had been in the stall next to him. I am a bit ashamed to say I didn't know Elliott Gould by name. His major acting contributions were a bit before my time. It wasn't until someone said, "You know, Monica's dad on Friends" that I though OOOOOOOHHHHHH. I have watched every single episode of Friends approximately 1,002 times so I then knew who Elliott Gould was. When he stepped into the crowded lobby I spotted him right away. He's pretty tall so even though he was on the other side of the room, he was hard to miss. And then he was gone. But for those few moments we shared a lobby it was exciting! I promise.

This past weekend at the Hilton Head wedding, my brush with fame was a bit more prolonged. Going in I knew there was a possibility of a celebrity sighting. Mike has told me before that the groom's brother is dating the funniest female character on SNL - Kristen Wiig. As we took our seats in the church on Saturday, I looked and there she was sitting a few rows in front of me. But we didn't just see her at the church. She was a part of every event that weekend, from the ceremony, to the reception to the post reception after party to the Sunday morning brunch. However, throughout the entire weekend I couldn't think of anything I had to say to her, so I didn't. My claim to fame though can be this: after the reception, her parents gave Mike and I a ride back to the hotel in their car. They were incredibly nice. Kristen seemed incredibly nice too. I probably would have found that out first hand had I been able to muster the courage to just start talking. But I couldn't. I honestly reverted back to junior high school Amy. The girl who didn't think she had anything interesting to say and froze up completely around the cool kids.

Regardless of my inability to actually speak to any celebrities, I found my brushes with fame none the less exciting. It's just not all the common in the Midwest to see famous people. But if I have learned anything it's that celebrities are just like us (thanks People magazine). They also live and visit places outside of California and I should probably keep my eyes open for them more often. Or I should just continue living my life normally and stop caring about such things.

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