October 20, 2009

So Long, Cutie Pie(s)

I'm done editing. And with that, you will all have to say hasta luego to this adorable family.


I know. I'm sad to see them leave too. But I'm happy to be done editing. This is the quickest I have ever been able to get through editing photos. In my obsessive photo blog reading as of late I picked up a few tricks of the trade that really streamlined my process.

Aside from improving my workflow, I learned (or reconfirmed) something else. I simply, truly and honestly love doing this. The compliments that have come from my friends, this family and people I don't even know have left me positively giddy. I'm hungry and I want more. So much more.

1 comment:

kelsalynn said...

that last picture is incredible. I love it! If I had a family, I'd love to have something like that on my wall... very cool!