October 11, 2009

Saturday Snaps

Mike and I finished celebrating his birthday this Saturday at a really good brunch place not too far from our home. After we ate, Mike and I went our separate ways - physically, not emotionally. He headed out to the burbs to work on his dad's car, and I walked around that area for a bit.

I was scouting locations for next weekend's photo shoot. I am still incredibly nervous that's it's going to be incredibly cold. I needed to find an alternate location in case it snows. It may very well snow. Thankfully I found a suitable, but not ideal location, and was able to somewhat put my mind at ease.

I of course brought my camera and wandered a bit. My photography go to safety shots have always been plant life or intimate objects. They're easy. They don't move, so I usually have time to compose a good shot. So of course, I got these shots.

Nearby this same park was a football field with about four pee wee teams playing and running through drills. I get a little nervous taking photos of people in public, even though they are in public place. I'm never sure if I may be crossing some boundary. I figured this was a good opportunity to practice getting high speed action shots, so I put away my discomfort and starting shooting.

Turns out I'm totally a sport's photographer. Well that may be stretching it, but I was glad to have stepped out of my comfort zone for the moment. I like adding new shots to my portfolio.

Ed Note: I'm annoyed because I can't figure out how to make my photos larger and remain sharp. If you click on the photos though, you can see a larger image.


Megan said...

These are great! And I bet if you contacted that pee wee football league, they'd be stoked to have some awesome shots like these.

As long as you aren't taking photos of funerals, weddings, or other "private" type moments in people's lives - I seriously doubt anyone would care/notice a photographer around.

kelsalynn said...

Amy, you perv, why were you taking shots of little boys?

JUST KIDDING! haha. They turned out GREAT. I clicked on them so I could see what they look like larger and you're right- they look fabulous!

I'm so envious of you and your talents- creatively, you're pretty fricken cool!

I told Michael that we need to do something cool so we have a reason to hire a photographer. We're still working on it, but once we come up with something, we'll let you know!