October 7, 2009

Looking Up

Ways in which my mood has improved since my last post:

- Our tub is draining. (Yeah team plunging effort!)
- I will be going to bed after I finish this post so I can get up and work out tomorrow morning. (Yeah exercise!)
- Mike loved his birthday presents. (Yeah for knowing my man!)
- I still haven't caught Mike's illness and my headache has gone away. (Yeah immune system!)
- I took some photos tonight. None of which I have uploaded to my computer, but a simple shutter release made me feel better. (Yeah photography!)

Still a problem, stupid whiny cats. Ah well. Such is life.

So what's been occupying my mind now? Home redecoration. Mike and I have been talking housing options lately and whether we stay or whether we go, we'll need to do upgrades. I have turned to the one design source that simultaneously inspires and intimidates me - Apartment Therapy. My home looks no where near as good anything on this site, but maybe I can make some minor improvements. For starters, Mike and I will be doing some rearranging of our furniture this weekend. If it's not a complete disaster, I may be showing our improvements on this here blog.


kelsalynn said...

I'm glad you're having a better day!

I could waste so much time on that website- thanks for sharing!

Alexis said...

at least you can lock your whiney problems in the closet or bathroom. child protective services frowns on that approach on my end.....

what did you get mike for his bday?

Amy said...

Mike got a new hair brush, a neti pot, a book and the big ticket item, a 1.5 hour massage (not by me - I'm paying for someone else to do it).