October 25, 2009

Stolen Moments in the Sun

After a weekend of drinking, dancing and general marital merriment, Mike and I found ourselves enjoying a quiet, peaceful moment just outside the Savannah airport. We flew down to Hilton Head, South Carolina this weekend for a friend's wedding - specifically one of Mike's friend's weddings. The wedding was a fantastic excuse to visit Hilton Head - a part of the country that I'd never seen. It was beautiful to say the least, simply stunning. It had me at moss covered trees and coastal breezes. Not to mention the wedding itself was as stylish and tasteful as the bride and groom. In short, it was an event to remember.

Our flight home wasn't until 5:30 p.m. tonight so Mike and I made use of our free time by visiting another nearby city neither of us had been to, Savannah. Savannah was equally beautiful and quite the unexpected charmer. Mike and I may have looked at some real estates listing we saw displayed in store fronts as we strolled through the historic district.

After touring Savannah on this sunny, blue-skied day Mike and I for the first time the entire weekend were running early instead of late. After getting lost in Hilton Head and then getting lost navigating our way to Savannah, we made it lickety split to the airport. It figures. Mike turned the car around as we approached the rental return saying he didn't want to spend all our time extra time sitting in the airport. He pulled off on a side street and that's how we found ourselves laying in a open field.

We lay in the grass for about 15 minutes warmed by the sun, watching the clouds pass overhead. As city dwellers we don't see, let alone touch much grass. It's a novelty. And despite the glitz and the glamor of the weekends' activities, I knew that those 15 minutes laying silently in the grass with my love, watching the wispy clouds glide by would be among the most memorable of the past 48 hours.

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Jekel said...

I told you that Savannah is a great city. I love it there!!!